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Club Teachers

 We have two Level 2 Coaches and our Teachers are all qualified to ASA Level 2.

All of our adults are DBS checked


Jennifer I have been a club member since 1989, starting as an adult swimmer. When my children joined the club, I became a helper on both Thursday and Friday nights. This led eventually to becoming a qualified Level 2 teacher in 1997 and a Lane Coach the following year. I taught on both nights until the club merged into one night. I have also served as President of the club.
I became a committee member in 1991 and have served as Club Secretary since 2003. These days I only teach when needed and prefer to undertake the administration work needed for the club. This involves swimmer registration, correspondence, liaison with KAL and organizing the exchange visit which I have taken part in several times.
I first became a member at the age of 5, swimming on a Thursday night. As I got older I was able to join the speed session on a Monday night , I also trained on a Saturday morning from 6.30 till 8.00 am, later I became a member of the life saving section taking all my life saving awards from Bronze medallion all the way to the Silver Cross and award of Merit – this also included life saving in outdoor water. At the age of 13 I began to help in the water with the non swimmers.
I was made captain of the club when I was 15/16 years old and did this role for about 2 years, along with swimming and teaching. I finally stopped swimming when I was about 19 years old and took on the role of the club representative for Kirklees and District. Joining the committee at age 16, I was given the role of producing a monthly magazine which ran for about 18 months. I have been Treasurer of the club for 30 years, elected president in 1991/1992 and am President again this year.
My roles of today are: Club Member for 45 years, Teacher for 37 years, Committee member for 35 years, Treasurer 30 years, Kirklees and District representative 31 years, I am also Child Welfare Officer and current President of the Club.
 Jennifer Facey Helen Smith
Club Secretary  Head Teacher


Sarah I started with the club in 1996 for experience before taking the teachers course in 1997. Once qualified I began teaching on a regular basis at the Friday night sessions as my 3 boys were all club members on that night, continuing as members until their late teens. One of my sons also became a club teacher, and occasionally still helps out. I also taught KAL lessons for a number of years.

I have been President for 6 years in the recent past and have represented the Club as President on several of our exchange visits to Overath, Germany.

I am a member of the Club Committee of which I am the Chairperson.

Cath I started swimming at the club at the age of 8 and continued as a swimmer for many years. I represented the club in competitive galas and in Germany as a swimmer and as President on the exchange visits. I was Club captain for several years and have always helped to look after and encourage younger swimmers. I have helped on the poolside since my teens and became a qualified Level 2 teacher in 1997.
My own children began swimming with the club as soon as they were old enough and I have been a committee member for some time, serving as President between 2012 and 2014.
Sarah Avery  Cath Cannon
Senior Teacher  Senior Teacher


I joined the club at the age of 6 and learnt to swim here, working through all the groups, served as club captain for 4 year and only giving up swimming in a club session in my twenties (I am currently an active masters swimmer with another club). I have represented the club in external galas as well as in Germany.

I began as a poolside helper at the age of 14 at the Friday night session and went on to take all the qualifications needed to become a Level 2 teacher. I have now become a Level 2 coach as well and work for Kirklees Active Leisure & Kirklees School Swimming.
I have been a committee member for many years and I am the Competitions Secretary, organising Club galas and entries into external galas for those swimmers wishing to compete.

 I joined the club at the age of 5 and learnt to swim here, working through the groups before giving up swimming with the club when I left for University (I am currently swim with a local Water Polo Club). I have represented the club in external galas and Germany as well as being my school’s swimming captain.

I began as a poolside helper at the age 15, helping with the Friday night session before taking the qualifications to become a Level 2 teacher. While at Wolverhampton University I began helping at Wolverhampton Swimming Club before taking my coaching qualifications  and becoming a Level 2 Coach. I also coach and teach for Kirklees Active Leisure.
I have been a committee member since returning from university.

Peter Bradbury 


Patrick Bradbury 


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